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Sensual, erotic, exciting - sensual and erotic photography Munich. I show the female body in all its beauty. Many women are toying with the idea of being photographed in an intimate atmosphere, but have not yet dared to pose more revealingly in front of the camera or were unsure which photographer they could trust. If you too belong to the group of curious people, then we would like to give you the opportunity to present your body as it really is: beautiful! We create the atmosphere for you in which you can feel comfortable and capture the parts of your body that you love the most or maybe those that you didn't even know how exciting they could be. This shoot is all for YOU. Enjoy letting yourself go and putting all your worries aside for a little while. We give you the space to live out your sensuality and create unforgettable pictures - just for you or for the one special person in your life. During the boudoir photo shoot, seductive, sensual and elegant portraits of you with sensual lingerie and sexy accessories are created in a relaxed atmosphere and natural surroundings in which you feel comfortable. Not everyone is a top model, but everyone is beautiful, and I want to show your beauty in a sensitive way: natural, authentic, with a sparkling erotic touch. There are many reasons for a boudoir shoot: as a gift for your partner on Valentine's Day or on your wedding day, as a surprise on your wedding night or just in between, even for yourself. Boudoir photography for normal people like me.



Interesse an einem Shooting

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Mich interessiert sehr gern auch die Geschichte hinter dem Shooting


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